Saint Christina’s School Bulletin

Monday, 25th June 2018

Saint Christina’s Makes Sporting History!

It has been a fantastic year for sport at Saint Christina’s. The pupils have worked really hard and shown excellent dedication and commitment within all of their sports teams.

We have had many great successes this year with Year 5s and 6s placing 1st in 5 different netball tournaments. We have also made sporting history at Saint Christina’s with our Year 6b team placing 2nd overall in the netball league and both Year 6a and Year 5a teams placing 1st and winning their leagues for the first time ever; both teams had a clear 6 point lead in their respective tables.

I would like to thank all of the parents for their brilliant support throughout the year, and say a big thank you to all the girls for their hard work and commitment, and congratulate them on their tremendous achievements; they should all be very proud of themselves!

Bulletin – Friday 22nd June 2018

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