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Friday, 12th October 2018

Year 5 trip to the Camden Learning Centre

On Wednesday 10th October, Year 5 went on a trip to the CLC. We learnt about robotics and, in particular, how to program a robot to answer different commands. It was a fun experience, I discovered many new concepts and it was nice to be able to work in pairs and to exchange ideas.

At the very start, Mary, the teacher, asked three of us to draw a robot and we all drew human-like robots, but at the end, our idea of a robot was completely different, because, after seeing pictures and thinking about functions, we realised that robots can have many different shapes.

I enjoyed coding the robots because we could explore what they did, and complete many challenges such as: making the robot repeat actions, sensing colours, turning in loops and stopping when it sensed certain things. My favourite part was when we had a competition for who could go nearest to the wall without the robot bumping into the wall.

To conclude, I really had a good time, and I would really like to go back and do more experiments with the robots, especially the colour sensing.

By Celine – Year 5

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