Saint Christina’s School Bulletin

Friday, 14th December 2018

Message from Mr Gloag

I wanted to write to you all at the end of this busy term to thank you very much for the warmth of the welcome that you have extended to me since September. I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to stay at Saint Christina’s as your Head and would like to thank you for the kind comments that I have received from you in this regard.

Over this term, we have been very busy making plans for the future. As part of these plans we have been looking very closely at the curriculum to ensure that it has all the right elements and balance. We want, at the core, an outstanding syllabus in the gateway subjects of Maths, English and Science and we want to ensure that the over-arching teaching and learning is imbued with ambition and stretch for all children, whatever their ability.

I am very keen that our curriculum is not just a very good ‘primary curriculum’ but a curriculum that will inspire and instil a genuine lifelong curiosity for living and learning. In achieving this, I believe in evolution rather than revolution, so we will implement these plans carefully and build steadily. Science, technology, coding (STEM), languages, intellectual curiosity, projects, Forest School (for the EYFS) and challenges are all part of that vision. I am looking forward to now having the opportunity to see those plans and the vision that we have for Saint Christina’s come to fruition.

2019 will be a big year for Saint Christina’s. We will be celebrating our 70th birthday as well as hosting, in October, a meeting of all representatives and leaders of the Handmaids’ Schools from around the world. It seems fitting that it is at this moment that we are starting a new chapter in the History of the school as we begin the journey to becoming a fully co-educational school.

This term has been packed full with trips, concerts, fantastic class assemblies, activities, sports fixtures and myriads of other activities. Now, as the echoes of the wonderful Nativity Plays and the Carol Concert fade, I want to thank you for all your support for the school, and wish you a very ‘Happy Christmas’.

Alastair Gloag

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