School Fees


Saint Christina’s School – Fees 2018 – 2019
Registration fee (non-refundable): £100
Deposit: (Once place is offered and accepted – refundable when leaving the School) £2,000
Termly Fees: £4,500
Stability in fees cannot be guaranteed since they rise in proportion to increases in the teachers’ National salary scales, general services and other commodities. All books, stationery, lunches and milk are provided by the School. There will be an additional charge for any educational visits during the course of the year.
Extra-curricular fees:
Instrumental Music Tuition: £270 per term
 Other School run clubs  £50 per term
Other charges:
Transport Service: £600 per term
[both ways]
Morning Club: £6 per session
After School Club: £13 per session
Late pick up charge [after 5.00pm] £40
School transport is limited. It must be arranged in consultation with the Bursar.
NOTES Fees and other charges are payable in advance and all fees are due on or before the first day of term. A term’s fees are required in lieu of a term’s notice. Please note: Changes in optional extras and transport can only be made at the beginning of a term prior to the cessation or beginning of a subject. A full term’s notice of removal must be given in writing. In default of such notice, payment of a term’s fees will be required.