Three Little Pigs Assembly & Weekly Bulletin

Friday, 24th November 2017

Three Little Pigs Assembly & Year 6 Fundraiser
On Monday 20th November, Year 6 produced an assembly which consisted of a balletic re-telling of the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. This had been inspired by the CAFOD assembly shown in school a few weeks previously.
Girls were invited to come up with creative ideas to raise money for CAFOD in their project to provide money for pigs for families in parts of the Philippines. Some of the Year 6 girls then had the brainwave of producing a ballet on the Three Little Pigs – which they produced to parents and children in the Monday morning assembly.
Choreography, presentation, music, narration, stage management, make up, fund raising, scenery, collection of funds and everything else was managed entirely by the girls themselves.
A staggering amount of £400 was raised for CAFOD, and their fundraiser, Judy Dixey (who had presented the original assembly) was most impressed with the girls’ efforts.
The assembly was followed by a press conference with CAFOD and everyone right from Miss Finlayson down to the smallest Nursery child was most impressed with the whole event. Grateful thanks also go to the members of staff who helped advise and facilitate the assembly.
Fr Rudolf – a very proud teacher of Year 6!

Bulletin – Friday 24th November 2017

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