Year 5 & 6 School Journey to Liddington

Saturday, 24th June 2017

‘At PGL we had a great time and overcame fears about being away from our parents, and of the frightful heights of the zip wire!

PGL had a range of activities for everyone. We all went out of our comfort zones and some of us who appeared to be shy were sometimes the bravest of us all. My top three favourite activities were Abseiling, Giant Swing and Zip Wire. I liked them because they were challenging and fun, although at times, terrifying.

Some of the other activities were orienteering (finding your way around using maps), survival (learning and using the best techniques for building forts in the wild), canoeing (paddling around the lake with your partner), and playing games: raft building (using barrels, logs and rope and making our own rafts), trapezing (climbing up on to a pole and jumping to catch the bar), crate challenge (attached to our trusty harness we climbed up the crates, trying to build the highest tower possible).

After a tiring day of activities we ate our dinners, did our afternoon activities and went up to our rooms to get some sleep before another activity’.

Violet – Year 6

Bulletin – Friday 23rd June 2017

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