14th May 2021

The KS2 groups have used some of their PE lessons this week to practice for next week’s inter-house competition which will be taking place during their PE lessons. They have become familiar with the circuit they will be running and we spoke about pacing themselves and trying to keep jogging throughout the race. I look forward to updating you in the overall results once all years have had their races.

As well as this, we have continued to develop our cricket skills and pupils are hitting the ball with greater consistency and power which is really encouraging. It was also lovely to have members of the public, on a couple occasions last week, praising the behaviour and conduct of the pupils on the way over to Primrose Hill for their PE lessons.

The Year 5 class were particularly impressive as they were introduced to overarm bowling technique. Special mentions this week go to Eloise and Lara for their batting performances in the cricket sessions and to all the classes for their efforts during the cross country sessions this week.

In the Reception and Year 1 PE lessons this week the children have been working on their throwing and catching using balls and bean bags over a short distance.
We spent time recapping the basic techniques for the underarm throw and using our hands to make a target for our partner to aim at. Well done to Jun and Diana who made 26 catches which was a fantastic achievement and they worked so well together.

Year 2 have started to experience some striking and fielding activities exploring ways in which they can hit a ball off a tee towards a target. They have shown great concentration and their efforts have resulted in some pleasing results. A special mention must go to Alice and Sarah (Year 2) for their excellent batting performances and to Beatrix and Harry for their fantastic efforts while practicing the overarm distance throw for sports day.

This week during Nursery’s PE lessons we have started to have a go at some of our sports day events. The nursery group have been working on their aim throwing bean bags and trying to land them into nearby hoops. As well as this they have continued to develop their basic football skills kicking the balls and trying to knock over other objects which they really enjoyed.

During our Rounders Clubs for Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 we have given the pupils opportunities to play games this week which they have really enjoyed. Year 5 and 6 have made impressive progress with their batting.
Well done to Lilly and Adriana for winning the batting competition at the end of the club hitting the ball the furthest.

Mr Raveney – Director of Sport

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