19th March 2021

To celebrate Science Week, the Year 1 to 6 classes have enjoyed an interactive workshop exploring the solar system today. The children simultaneously blasted off into space, piloting their research vessels around planets and moons, learning all about the solar system.

Mr Hirst - Deputy Head

“I enjoyed it because I have learnt a lot about Space and it feels like you were actually there. We learnt lots about the solar system. It felt real, I loved it!” – Tia. 

“The workshop was about the planets in our Solar System. We used VR sets and travelled to all of the planets listening to information coming from a speaker. It felt like we were astronauts and that we were in space!” Marta

“The workshop was really fun because I really enjoy VR headsets. I found it very interesting. It was very factual and fun at the same time. It was my favourite science lesson.” Cecily

“I loved the VR science workshop because it felt like we were getting so close to planets and we learnt so much about the different moons that each planet has.” Helen

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