20th May 2022

This week we celebrated St Raphaela Maria’s feast day in school. The children had ice creams in their break time as a celebration.

On the Thursday 19th May, I was Head teacher for a day, which was very fun. I welcomed the students with Mr Gloag and handed some things out in assembly. After having a meeting with Mr Hirst I did playground duty.
This experience was fun. My favourite part was when I did the health and safety check with Miss Georgia, it was my favourite part because it is so interesting to see what goes on behind school life and how hard all the teachers work.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me on the day especially Miss Michelle, Miss Chloe and Mr Gloag. Also to both my parents thank you very much.

The day was very fun even though I was a bit nervous at first.

Charlotte Brotherton

Headteacher for a day

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