24th May 2019

On Monday 13th May, Emily and I were Headteachers for the day. First, we prepared a PowerPoint with Mr Gloag. Then, during assembly, we gave out certificates and we received some certificates so we had to give each other one!

We also did a health and safety check around the school with Miss Georgia to make sure that there were no safety hazards. We then went to a School Council meeting with Mr Hirst and most of the suggestions were related to food. We had a meeting with Mrs Grillmaier from Parents’ Link. She told us what Parents’ Link do and then showed us the improvements that Parents’ Link and Mr Steve had made over the weekend; she was also asking our opinions.

Later on, we helped Miss Georgia to supervise the younger children during lunch. When it was our lunchtime, we invited some of our friends to sit with us at a separate table.

We then went to Nursery. We taught and played with the children. We played a game of tag and hide and seek; we also showed them what the letter ‘b’ looked like and what global warming is. Afterwards, we went into the Reception Classes to teach and play with them. First we wrote on the electric drawing board and then it was time to go outside and play. We played tug of war with the children which was really fun!

Izzy and Emily – Headteachers for the Day

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