30th April 2021

This week, Years 3-6 have started to go offsite over to Primrose Hill for their longer PE lesson. They have continued to impress me with their concentration and determination while learning a sport which is new to many of them.

This week we have had a focus on batting during our cricket lessons and pupils have worked hard to master the technique of the front foot drive. We have set up a range of practices to develop the technique for this shot before putting this into modified games. Special mentions must go to Tia, Claudia, Alexia and Selin for making some encouraging progress.

It has been lovely to link the topic of dinosaurs into our nursery lessons. We have played games linked to dinosaurs focussing on developing their hand eye coordination and ball skills.

Nursery have made some excellent progress and have really enjoyed their lessons. Years 1-2 have continued to develop their ball skills looking at rolling the ball, stopping the ball and applying these skills into mini relay races.

A special mention must go to Hugo and Alice in Year 2 for their excellent effort during their lessons and all of the Nursery group for scoring their penalties.

On Tuesday, the Year 5 and 6 pupils had their first Rounders Club. We had a quick recap of the batting technique which resulted in some pleasing batting performances during the game we played at the end. Our focus for Year 3 and 4 Rounders Club was on developing their understanding of the rules of the game.

One final note: please do ensure the children to come prepared with their rain jacket next week for PE lessons as the forecast looks like we may get some rain.

Click link below to take a look at - Nursery brushing up on their football skills with Mr Raveney

Mr Raveney – Director of Sport

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