12th June 2020

This week has been particularly marked by events surrounding the death of George Floyd in the US. The impact of his death has reverberated around the world and we will all be aware of the protests that have occurred within the UK. I think that it is an important principle of education that we face up to the events of the day even where they are deeply complex, and force us to face up to uncomfortable truths. This week, Year 6 have been doing just that and they wanted to share some of the thoughts that they have had. As a world and throughout History, we have not applied God’s commandment that we love our neighbour as ourselves. If we did this, the world would be a very different place in so many different ways. Whilst our Year 6 have responded as they are, which is aged 10 and 11, there is a maturity in their thinking that I believe, offers hope for the future.

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