26th June 2020

On Thursday, Year 4 had a special day dedicated to Ancient Egypt. The girls looked marvellous in their costumes, which really helped them get into the spirit of the day.

The first activity brought the Egyptian tradition of ‘mummification’ to life by mummifying a tomato! The girls cut into the tomato and extracted the innards, pretending that they were the tomatoes’ organs and removed them. They then washed the empty tomatoes (with antibacterial soap where available), weighed them and placed them in Natron salt (a blend of sodium bicarbonate and salt). The tomatoes will now complete their mummification as they dry out into the Natron salt for the next couple of weeks. We cannot wait to see how they turn out!

Later in the day, the girls had the chance to do different activities including Egyptian Maths, puzzles, crafts, hieroglyphs and sharing some wonderful Egyptian adventure stories that they have been working on. In the afternoon, the girls took part in ‘Ancient Egypt’s Got Talent’ where they role-played being different Egyptian Gods and explained and advertised their talents and powers.

Overall, it was a super day, where the children were really engaged, and it showed how much fun we are able to have despite the limitations of the current situation.

Mrs Dickinson and I are extremely proud of all of Year 4 for their excellent attitude to learning and sense of fun throughout the day!

Mr Hirst & Mrs Dickinson

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