31st January 2020

On Friday 24th January we were delighted to be joined by design technician, Paul Newham.

Years 1 and 2 were challenged to make new playground equipment for their new friends Flip and Flop. Using card, wire and sellotape the children decided to make a swing as well as a see-saw and were thrilled with their creations.

Year 3, who are studying the Romans in their History lessons, enjoyed learning some new skills including wood work and sawing wood to correct lengths in order to make Roman chariots. The girls thoroughly enjoyed linking their History work with DT.

The girls in Year 4 were delighted with their electric corex creepers. The girls learnt that taking their time and ensuring precision was key for a successful creeper. The girls used glue guns to glue the battery pack onto a plastic base before choosing their own pipe cleaners, and put them in the ridges in the plastic to create the legs for the creeper. They decorated their creepers with eyes and antennae and enjoyed racing them around the classroom!

Year 5 made pneumatic butterflies and, as well as learning skills such as using a glue gun carefully, they learnt that patience and team work was important. With excellent concentration the Year 6 girls made battery operated buggies and by the end of the session, the buggies were raring to go!

All the children developed a range of skills in addition to their independence, and were left buzzing with ideas of what they could do next.

Many thanks again to Paul for sharing his expertise with us once again.

Mr Burke and Mrs Ellisdon

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