8th November

On Wednesday, Year 4 travelled to the Camden Learning Centre to program Robots! They were introduced to the ‘Edison’ Robot and used sound, torches, lights and paths to solve problems. They then used ‘Edblocks’ to program their robot to complete various challenges! The children had an AWEsome day.

“Today was a very good day. We learned how to code Edison using objects, flashlights and LOTS of tape. We also made Edison go 90°. It was extremely fun!” Isabella and Marta
“It was difficult to make Edison turn around 90° but we had most fun making Edison follow the white lines and avoid obstacles!” Grace and Selin.

In the afternoon the children added sound and made Edison play a tune getting ready for the festive season, jingle all the way!

Thank you girls for another supAWE and WONDERous day at the Camden Learning Centre!

Ms Overing and Miss Sandra – ICT Teacher & Year 4 TA

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