22nd November

On Monday 11th November, Year 5 went to the Ragged School, which was gloomy as a prison. The glass windows were covered in frost and iron bars that even the strongest man could not break. The Ragged School got it’s name from the fact that only poor children attended, wearing rags and scraps.

When we were inside the Ragged School we walked up the ancient, decrepit and creaky stairs, to find a poor Victorian kitchen. The workshop we did was marvellous and taught us so much, we even got to try out some of their chores. Normal things we have to do are the same jobs as the Victorian ones but they operate differently. For example, you would have two irons, and one would sit on the range (stove) while you were ironing. To make sure the iron was still hot you would spit on it, if it turned into ash it was still good to use, if not you had to change it with the spare one that was still on the range keeping warm.

At the end of the workshop we had to line up in two lines, boys and girls. As we lined up I was shivering and I felt like my blood had turned to ice. In the classroom there were two main rules: no speaking unless you are spoken to and no laughing, giggling or smiling. Miss Perkins was as hard as a doornail. In the Ragged School they had slates and chalk. I felt scared out of my wits. Life was hard and all the lessons were very confusing and different to lessons we have today.

I really enjoyed the trip to the Ragged School.

Alexia, Year 5

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