Intermediate Mathematics Challenge

On Thursday 7th February, eight girls in Year 6 took part in the annual Intermediate Mathematics Challenge for 2019. This is a particularly challenging competition, in that it is aimed primarily at pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11.

We have been learning in school about ‘getting off the escalator’. What that means is that if we are stuck on a problem and cannot see how to solve it then we move on and try a different strategy – just like getting off an escalator to go somewhere else without waiting for someone to help us!

When faced with a diverse range of problems ranging over the entire mathematics curriculum, our girls could have given up – but no, they got off their escalators and solved many of these problems with smiles on their faces.

We were delighted to have two girls gain awards this year: Stephanie was awarded a Bronze certificate, placing her in the top 40% nationally of children aged 14 to 16; and Amy gained a Silver certificate, which placed her in the top 20% of children aged 14-16 nationally. These mathematical are outstanding.

Congratulations go to all the girls who took part and were willing to have a go!

Fr Rudolf – Mathematics Co-ordinator

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