School Prefects

Our Prefect system is designed to enable pupils to learn vital life-skills:

  • Leading teams
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing own and others’ expectations
  • Learning from success and failure

Our prefects design their own rota and are expected to be women for others; sharing the load and helping out where necessary. The prefects also have a job description:

Prefect Job Descriptions

“We share and care and forgive for that is how Christ teaches us to live”

Some Prefects at Saint Christina’s School are chosen by the staff and others apply for their role. They are chosen because of their skills and qualities and get an opportunity to discuss with their teachers why they think that they would be suitable prefects. Prefects are expected to set a good example and to carry out their duties with fairness.

Prefects work in groups or pairs and so there is always more than one witness and another person with which to share judgements.

The Prefect’s main duties include:

  • to work with the Headteacher and staff to promote good behaviour, manners, politeness and to assist in helping the School to run effectively;
  • to support the dinner staff and all who work in the School for the benefit of the children;
  • to act as additional pairs of eyes at break times and lunchtimes and to report to staff any misbehaviour;
  • to uphold the Christian values of honesty, respect, fairness, service, love of one’s neighbour;
  • to act as friends and buddies for those who need support;
  • to carry out other tasks and jobs as may be directed from time to time by staff.

Prefects may also be asked to help prepare the hall for assembly and assist in leading worship.

Prefects also patrol the School spaces and playgrounds at break times and lunchtimes when they are asked to.

Prefects represent the School and its values and may be asked to conduct tours and attend some public events.

Prefects understand that they can be replaced if, in the judgement of the Headteacher and staff, they are not fulfilling their roles effectively and in accordance with this job description and outline of duties.

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