The Saint Christina’s Community carries out an impressive amount of fundraising throughout the year.

The school has committed to support the St Francisco Javier School Project in collaboration with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The whole school community has got behind this initiative to help support a school in Equatorial New Guinea. So far Parents’ Link have contributed, we have run a Year 6 Maths Fair, a Year 4 Lolly Sale, a Reception Spring Hat Parade and there has been many generous contributions from individual families. Please read the launch letter for more details:

Launch of St Francisco Javier School Project

In the academic year 2016-2017 Saint Christina’s School supported the following charities:

Charity Amount Donated
Poppy Appeal £62.26
NSPCC £53.75
CAFOD £216.99
St Francisco Javier School Project £5,306.14
Grenfell Tower £1,163
Total Donated September 2016-2017 £6,802.14

In 2017-2018 we are determined to continue the good work of these charities and to recognise initiatives close to the heart of our children. Our Year 6 charities prefects are Tara and Catherine.