A great life, a great beginning.

Saint Christina’s is the only co-educational Independent Catholic prep school for boys and girls aged 3-11 in North and Central London. We are very fortunate to be situated in an attractive and quiet location on the edge of Primrose Hill. The children within our community have strong academic outcomes within a School that prides itself for its strong pastoral care. In an increasingly busy world, Saint Christina’s is a calm and safe oasis where children of all faiths and backgrounds are able to learn and grow to be their very best.

The school’s location in the quiet backstreets of St John’s Wood, provides access to all the facilities that Central London can offer from football pitches in Regent’s Park to castles, cathedrals, museums and of course, the Zoo. Alongside the curriculum, an extensive extra-curricular programme including STEM (Robotics, Coding, Science) Clubs, Sports (training, team fixtures, national competitions), Music (Choirs, Orchestra, small Groups, solo instruments) Languages (Latin, French, Spanish), Drama (major productions, LAMDA), and Eco-Warriors, amongst many other offerings, give pupils the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their talents.

Two years ago, we made the decision to transition from being part to fully co-educational and now enjoy a growing number of both boys and girls within our community. We enjoy some fantastic accommodation and facilities, including space for outdoor learning, sports and play and we have plans to develop further by expanding our classroom infrastructure and outdoor learning areas. Specialist facilities currently include a Science room, ICT Suite, Music Department and instrumental teaching pods, Arts and Dance Halls, Outdoor learning areas for Nursery and Reception, Forest School and separate playgrounds for younger and older children.

Over the last few years, our School has developed an enviable reputation for STEM provision with the introduction of a new curriculum and a broad range of STEM clubs allowing children to engage with construction, coding and robotics alongside all sorts of competitions, and activities. We are also keen to engage the children in issues. One example is our responding to the current climate and environmental challenge. As a School we have developed a range of responses including the installation of a green wall, the launch of an eco-brick project and a project bringing in the expertise of Westminster Council and Imperial College around air quality in our locality that, alongside growing awareness around the issue amongst the children, is expected to result in a tangible physical transformation of our ‘little patch’ in London.

Children within our community are encouraged to be curious and to develop the independence and confidence that they need to face the challenges that the world will throw at them. We set out to ‘grow children’ yet it may be better if we said that we are a community within which children can grow in all the ways that they are able so that they can be their very best, whatever their interests and talents. We believe that every child is unique and packed with promise and potential. It is our job, with you their parents, to create the best environment for them to grow.

I do hope that this website gives you a little window into our community and that you like what you see. Do contact us if you would like to know more or if you would like to visit the School to get a better sense and feel for our community.

I very much look forward to meeting you.

Alastair Gloag

"You have collectively given (my child) the most extraordinary start in life. Thank you all for 8 years of truly exceptional education", Year 6 Parent
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We were so excited to find that we had trapped a vole in one of our mammal traps. We had a good look at the vole and released it back into the woodland. https://t.co/p2nRol7NHM
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Minibeast adventures this afternoon https://t.co/FDoX7ySVDj
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