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School life

Each day brings exciting new opportunities to learn and discover anew at Saint Christina’s School. A warmth and regard for children in our care permeates all facets of school life.

Below, you will find information which relates to The School Day, Homework (with helpful web addresses), Extra Curricular Activities and School Trips. Links to other parts of our school website are provided for your reference.

The School Day

The doors open at 8.45 am and Registration for the whole school is at 8.55am.
(A Morning Club offering a variety of creative activities is available from 8.00 am)
Nursery 8.55 a.m.-3.15 p.m.
Reception 8.55 a.m.-3.15 p.m.
Years 1 - 6 8.55 a.m.-3.30 p.m.
(After school care is available from 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm - Mon-Thur only)

Break times:
Morning break 10.30-10.45 a.m. for Years 1-6
*Please note that Nursery Class and Reception Class have flexible times for morning break.

Lunch break
12.00-1.15 p.m Early Years and Key Stage 1.
12.15–1.15 p.m. Key Stage 2


Homework is set by the teachers:
To support the school’s aims and the pupils’ learning.
To raise achievement of all pupils.
To provide enrichment and/or extension of work in school.
To allow for the reinforcement, practise and consolidation of what has been taught.
To encourage and develop independent learning.
To lay the foundations of good study habits and self-discipline, e.g. working to deadlines.
To prepare children for secondary school.
To develop skills in using the library and other learning resources (including ICT).
To provide opportunities for parental co-operation, support and insight into the work of the school.
To provide the opportunity for parental involvement in their child’s learning.

Helpful web addresses

Extra Curricular Activities

For a full list of the extra-curricular activities offered at Saint Christina’s School please see Extra Curricular information.

School Trips

For details of school trips please see information in the following curriculum areas:
Early years
Core subjects
Foundation subjects
Gifted and Talented