School Council

The School Council at Saint Christina’s is integral to ensuring that pupil voice is promoted and valued through listening to and acting on the views of children. It is comprised of 11 children from Years 2 to 6 who are democratically elected by their class peers.

The elected councillors meet to represent their peers and to propose solutions to issues raised by them. Scheduled School Council meetings take place once every half term. The Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Eco Monitors are, by virtue of their position, automatically elected to be members of the School Council each year and are instrumental in promoting the values and decisions taken in the School Council sessions. Pastoral care and particularly care and concern for new children, is at the heart of our School Council agenda.

Leadership enrichment opportunities are organised at least once a year, for example, a visit to Mayor’s Question Time at City Hall.

A key strength of the Saint Christina’s School Council is the outstanding commitment of all councillors to supporting charitable aims, for example, the Winter Warmer Appeal, the annual Harvest food collection and collections for victims of natural disasters. The commitment of our councillors to supporting the School and those in need is most inspiring.

Our School Councillors for 2017-2018 are: 

Olivia Foster (Head Girl) | Amelie Sacker (Deputy Head Girl) |  Isabel Rivaro (Y6)

Neha Uppell (Y5)

Anna Koshevaya (Y4) | Nancy O’Driscoll (Y3) | Lily Kanazashi (Y2)

School Council Policy

Minutes of School Council Meeting - April 2017

Minutes of School Council Meeting - November 2016

Minutes of School Council Meeting - September 2016

Minutes of School Council Meeting - June 2016

Minutes of School Council Meeting - March 2016

This term, the School Council have tried to focus on a few items they feel can be actioned. At the last School Council meeting, the following were agreed:





Just started






Who’s in charge?


 What’s happening?   

Expected to finish



Name the multi purpose room





 Done   School Council The School Council have named the room the ‘Mala Room’ after the inspirational children’s rights activist.  October 2016



PE / Play equipment



  Done   School Council  New playground equipment has arrived!

PE monitors and Yr 5 volunteers are making sure the equipment is kept in a tidy manner. 

 By End of Autumn term 

Art Contest / Festival





Done   Miss Bretones and School Council Miss Bretones organised a Christmas Card Competition  December 2016

Games for Arts Hall




    School Council   By end of Summer Term

Things we can’t do. Sorry!


Why we can’t do them


Our successes


A school pet

A see-saw in the playground

A School Nurse

Some children have allergies

Lack of space

Too expensive

Napkins at lunch

Fundraising Day for the deaf and blind – taking place on Friday 29th April

Improved Recycling in the School – Eco Committee established. Recycling Week taking place in the Summer Term