A very warm welcome is extended to all past pupils and families of Saint Christina’s School. 2019 marked 70 years since Saint Christina's School was founded by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1949.

Ella Robertson alumna 6..9.18

We are always trying to pull together positive memories and old photos by getting in touch with all past pupils of Saint Christina's School. If you, or anyone you know came to the school, please do get in touch by joining our LinkedIn group, and keep us updated with your contact details by emailing us at or by telephoning the School Office: 020 7722 8784.

The past pupils who have received an education at Saint Christina’s School are valued for contributing to the history of our School over the past sixty years. We are most grateful to those who have shown such generosity in the past and continue to do so. They have played a major part in ensuring that not only today’s pupils, but future generations of Saint Christina’s pupils, will benefit their generous acts of volunteering their time or making a donation to the School.

"Always remember the kindness shown to you at Saint Christina's and pass it on to others" (Alumna)

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