Healthy Eating

Mealtimes at Saint Christina’s are an important part of School life. We encourage the children to enjoy the social aspect of sharing a meal together, and staff sit with the children to eat their lunch. Our school food is freshly prepared by our Chef who leads a team from Holroyd Howe, a well-known and respected school catering company.

Holroyd Howe enjoy an excellent reputation for working with independent schools to create a fresh and thoughtful foodservice that is uniquely tailored to meet twebsite luncheshe needs of each school. Holroyd Howe provide a team of experienced catering staff and our own dedicated chef to work in the School kitchen. They build their service around the children to provide locally sourced, handmade meals they can enjoy every day. We work closely with the Holroyd Howe team to ensure positive experiences with food. We promote a healthy, balanced diet. Hot and cold dishes are available each day together with a choice of fruit, vegetables and desserts. Vegetarian options are available every day and Chef will meet with parents of children who may have particular dietary needs.

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Over the year, Chef invites experts in particular types of cooking to come into School and put on a presentation for the children so that they can learn more about food in general and the importance of enjoying a healthy and balanced diet. Aside from being extremely tasty, Chef’s presentations are a popular addition to the programme.

We aim to cater for all tastes and diets, allergies and intolerances. Parents and children are encouraged to contribute their ideas and preferences.


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