House System

The House system is an integral part of our school community that creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. The names of the three houses are St Francis, St Cecilia and St Joan of Arc. The Year 6 House captains will work with the Head of House (staff member) to inspire and motivate the younger children to further the community spirit and work together to achieve the school aims.

Children know they can earn house points by:

  • Always trying their best
  • Achieving
  • Showing outstanding behaviour
  • Being polite
  • Showing kindness

The children in Key Stage 2 will have regular house meetings, collect house points and gain certificates for good work/good behaviour etc.

  • 25 house points – bronze certificate
  • 50 house points – silver certificate
  • 100 house points – gold certificate
  • 150 house points – platinum certificate

These certificates will be awarded during the award assembly on Fridays.

Points will also be awarded to the Houses for their participation in House events such as House Music, House Netball, House Rounders, House Poetry, House Quiz, House Fundraising, Swimming Gala and Sports Day. 1st place will be awarded 30 points, 2nd place awarded 20 points and 3rd place awarded 10 points. As Sports Day will be the final event of the year, this will be worth double points (1st place 60 points, 2nd place 40 points and 3rd place 20 points).

The winning House at the end of the year will win the House cup. House Captains are elected by the House at the end of the Summer Term.

A House board can be found on the ground floor area to celebrate the collection of points. The House programme is designed in such a way as to be inclusive and promote opportunities for all the pupils, recognising all strengths.

House boards show the house symbols, mottos and charities, list the House Captains and are updated with achievements and photos.

Meetings – House Captains meet regularly with Head of Houses where they take minutes, discuss issues and share and delegate tasks. To assist in managing these responsibilities the children are given leadership and teamwork training. House captains are in charge in leading a house meeting and sorting our teams for various events with the help of the Head of House.


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