27th November 2020

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud!Last week was Anti-Bullying Week and the Year 2 children looked specifically at kindness and positivity.Every day for the week the children received a slip of pape...

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Photo from chloe 1

20th November 2020

A message from our Eco PrefectsWe are Rima and Laura (the eco prefects) and we have been putting aloe vera plants all around the school in each classroom to increase the school's biodiversity. It woul...

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day of the dead

13th November 2020

In Spanish this week…Reception have been learning about body parts. One of the songs we sing about this topic is "cabeza, hombros, manos, pies". Here is the link to the song in case you want to practi...

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6th November 2020

Just before the half term break, Nursery had a wonderful time exploring Pumpkins!We first compared the different shapes and sizes of our pumpkins and were delighted to see such variety. We then got on...

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16th October 2020

This week in Year 2 the children have been learning how to make more complex sentences with ‘WOW’ adjectives. We have played games to help us structure a sentence, to help us pick the best adjectives ...

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st christinas

25th September 2020

I am so proud of the girls in Year 5 who took the initiative in their spare time to pick up rubbish in the community.The girls have been learning about being stewards of God’s creation in their RE les...

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IMG 6840

18th September 2020

In preparation for their 11+ the Year 5 girls have started paying more attention to Current Affairs and the world around them. Each week the girls will take it in turns to present a news story, report...

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11th September 2020

In addition to making to new friends and getting to know one another, Reception have begun exploring the inquiry, 'What is my story?' This week we have started investigating our identity by observing ...

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4th September 2020

Dear Parents,I just wanted to write to thank you all very much for helping us make such a great start to the new academic year, and to welcome you all back to School. As Headteacher, I am privileged t...

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IMG 20200625 094418

26th June 2020

On Thursday, Year 4 had a special day dedicated to Ancient Egypt. The girls looked marvellous in their costumes, which really helped them get into the spirit of the day.The first activity brought the ...

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