Friday 24th May

First Holy Communion is, without a doubt, a time of great joy. On Friday 17th May, six children from Year 3 received this most holy and joyous sacrament. We had families from different parts of the wo...

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Friday 17th May

Year 1 spent the day in Kew Gardens on Wednesday. We explored the gardens, learning about different plants and enjoyed the rose gardens and greenhouses.We took part in a workshop where we became 'plan...

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year 3

Friday 10th May

Year 1 have been investigating traffic in our local area for geography. We completed two traffic surveys, recording which types of vehicles and which colour vehicles passed our school along Avenue Roa...

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Friday 26th April

TCS London MarathonI want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire Saint Christina’s community for your tremendous support of my London Marathon effort. I am deeply grateful for your positivity, ...

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Friday 22nd March

On Thursday 12 girls from Year 5 and 6 took part in a Cross-Country festival hosted by Devonshire House. The Year 5 race consisted of a 1km run and the Year 6 race was 1.5km. The children all put in a...

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Friday 15th March

Saint Christina’s Pi Day Challenge: Unveiling Mathematical Brilliance! In celebration of Pi Day, Saint Christina’s pupils showcased their exceptional memory prowess in a thrilling challenge. From the ...

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Friday 8th March

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual Book Fair. It was once again a huge success and a large percentage of what we sold will go to the school so we can buy new books for our classrooms and f...

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Friday 1st March

It's been out of this world exploring space with Reception these past couple of weeks! Last week, we learned about rockets and life in space. We learned that astronauts often eat dehydrated food out o...

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yr6 math

Friday 23rd February

We have now had the results from this national challenge.The results and awards are dominated by children in Key Stage Four (i.e. children between the ages of 13-16), but we were delighted that one of...

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Yr 2

Thursday 8th February

In English this term, we have explored stories with a repeating pattern. This provided an opportunity for children to apply their understanding of capital letters, full stops, and the inclusion of viv...

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