Parent Testimonials

"You have collectively given (my daughter) the most extraordinary start in life. She is leaving Saint Christina's academically prepared, but more importantly, imbued with the school values and knowing the importance of using these to drive the way she lives her life. In the Spring, when I wasn't able to be present in her life, I had total confidence and trust in the care and guidance the school gave her. I know this takes enormous effort, generosity and skill from the team. And I simply wanted to pass on my thanks for this, most precious of gifts, to (my daughter) and to us her parents and to thank you all for 8 years of truly exceptional education." Year 6 Parent, 2020

During lock down, many schools faced the new challenge of providing remote lessons. Saint Christina's worked hard to ensure that pupils continued to receive a high quality of education, and to support parents as far as possible.

"Thank you for letting me know very quickly that you have a plan for children of key workers so I can focus on caring for patients in ICU - great role modelling from a wonderful school"

"Thank you for keeping the school going through this very tough period. Nursery have done an outstanding job and it's so nice to see all the children so happy each day coming to school", Nursery class Parents

"Thanks again for all the work that you put into setting the children up. It seems to be going really well - and (my daughter) is working totally independently", Year 5 Parent

"I would like to thank you for all your dedication, exceptional organisation skills and great patience!", Year 2 Parent

"I saw your presentation and the work you set - incredible and inspiring! (My children) really enjoy your teaching. So thank you", Year 4 Parent

"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you are doing for Year 1. You’re working so incredibly hard and I suspect you never get a break even at the weekends. Everyone is so grateful for how committed you are and it really is amazing that 5/6 year olds are able to sit for so long and engage but that credit is all down to your brilliant teaching capabilities. We’re very lucky to have you.", Year 1 Parent

"Just wanted to say a very huge thank you for all your efforts under the present circumstances. The Google classroom seems to be working well and your teaching is excellent. Your patience, responsiveness, and dedication is admirable. We know that you work extremely hard for the children and wanted you to know that we really appreciate it. We are so lucky to have you.", Year 5 Parent

"Thank you again for your patience and great work. You run the classes exceptionally well.", Year 2 Parent

"We have finished week 1 of home schooling and I just wanted to say, Reception class was amazing. We have been impressed with how the school has stepped up to the challenge and is supporting children/ parents with this new way of learning. Great videos. Thank you all", Reception Parent

"(My child) has been so enthused about ‘being back at school’ and is working so well independently and seems to be very adept at the google classroom. Your planning and efforts have been meticulous, thank you so much", Year 5 Parent

"Many thanks for all your efforts and positive messages throughout Google class. I had the opportunity to have a little sneak peak today and could see (my daughter) was so happy when she joined her classroom today! She loves school!", Year 3 Parent

"What a brilliant start! Congratulations on staying so calm and composed. I think you have done a great job and I’m sure once all the children get into a rhythm it will work even better.", Year 2 Parent

"Thank you very much for all your kind and encouraging supports and classes this whole week! We all have been very impressive of your hard work and your thoughtful heart for all the children in Year 5", Year 5 Parent

"I just wanted to reiterate how impressed I am with how well you have been able to continue teaching in these difficult circumstances. We truly appreciate your efforts!", Year 6 Parent

"I just wanted to write to you to thank you very much for your kind support and encouraging classes this week during our first week of live lessons. We all have been impressive of all your work and your thoughtful heart to all pupils in Year 1. I think we are very lucky to have you as (my child's) teacher.", Year 1 Parent

"I just wanted to say thank you all for making this return to school happen! The kids were absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t have enough of each other and the school! You all work so hard - which we all, children and parents, appreciate! It is a difficult time for most families and it is incredibly heartwarming that a lot of people like yourselves are able to remain kind and have smiles on your faces! Thank you!", Reception Parent

"Thank you for being so amazing - during lockdown and now. You have made 2 girls and their working mother very happy!"

"After a full day at school, my 4 year old fell asleep just before 7pm without a bedtime story! Thank you for your work to help children return to some normalcy!" Reception Parent

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