Friday 15th March

Saint Christina’s Pi Day Challenge: Unveiling Mathematical Brilliance! 

In celebration of Pi Day, Saint Christina’s pupils showcased their exceptional memory prowess in a thrilling challenge. From the youngest of minds to the seasoned veterans in Year 6, the enthusiasm for Pi Day and its mathematical feats was palpable.

Arthur in our Reception Class, stunned everyone by flawlessly recalling 17 digits of Pi, becoming the new Pi record holder in Reception. Luna followed at 6 digits, who was then followed by Arya and Juliet at 5. In Year 3, Amelia was named the Pi class record holder as she recited 35 decimal places.

Multiple pupils astounded with their ability to memorise approximately 100 digits each, demonstrating an impressive grasp of this irrational number.

However, it was Kao in Year 6 who managed to steal the spotlight, by recalling an outstanding 131 to the decimal. The children’s dedication and determination truly exemplified the spirit of Pi Day.

Yet, amidst these impressive displays, one challenger emerged as a true expert. With unmatched speed and precision, Seb effortlessly recited 30 digits of Pi in a mere 5 seconds, showcasing not only memory prowess but also remarkable adaptability and initiative to the challenge.

Saint Christina’s Pi Day Challenge was not just a test of memory but a celebration of mathematical curiosity and ingenuity. These young minds have not only memorised Pi but have also ignited a spark for the infinite wonders that arise with mathematics.

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