Friday 1st March

It's been out of this world exploring space with Reception these past couple of weeks! Last week, we learned about rockets and life in space. We learned that astronauts often eat dehydrated food out of a bag! We had a go at making our own astronaut food using powdered pudding mix, water, resealable bags, straws, and a funnel. This was a hit.

Children also had a go at making their own rockets using super-light clay. I was so impressed with their attention to detail when moulding the different components. They also enjoyed painting planets with puffy paint. We continued our investigations this week, with a closer lens on the different planets in our solar system. We started making our own papier Mache planets. This has been a good opportunity to reflect on the appearance and size of each planet. The Children have thought up of some interesting queries that we've been exploring as a class, like 'Why don't people live on Mars?'. Space has also made its way into our writing as we've been going on planet word hunts, 'Write the Room' around the classroom and retelling the story, 'Talk 4 Write', 'How to Catch a Star.' We're looking forward to continuing our space quest next week and seeing how we can dig even deeper!

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